Pipa Caliope Earrings

Pipa Caliope Earrings

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Handmade oval earrings made with naturally dyed raffia with vegetable dyes, dried and embroidered. On this base, hand-made flower applications with sequins are embroidered. 

The PIPA CALÍOPE earrings belong to the Calíope Collection. This collection by Verbena Madrid calls on all women to bring out their most powerful side. The strength of a Goddess that everyone holds within. A manifestation of life and energy that leads to great feats. Verbena Madrid collaborates with artisans whose work is in danger of extinction and revives it to apply it to contemporary designs. The base is natural raffia fiber, extracted from the palm. It is dried and dyed during a long process that can last several weeks, to then create a structure of geometric drawings. The naturalness of hand-embroidered raffia takes on greater value when decorated with striking flowers while staying within soft tones such as raw, beige, silver and gold.

Measures: approximately 13 cm in length x 7 cm in width.

Weight: 19 grams.

*Important note: it is essential to preserve the hygiene cord that the earrings are sent with for any type of change, return or claim. Remember that the maximum change/return period is 14 days from receipt of the order.



Each VERBENA Madrid accessory is made entirely by hand using different craft techniques. A bridal or guest crown requires approximately twenty-four hours of work, in which only the highest quality materials are used. Approximately twelve hours of work are needed to develop the raffia earrings. Any imperfection that you may find in our products is the result of their handmade nature, and makes each VERBENA Madrid piece unique and unrepeatable.

Our collections of headdresses, earrings, necklaces and bags allow us to work together with artisans from different disciplines. The application of their techniques in our designs gives us the opportunity to offer unique and genuine products thanks to the recovery of almost extinct techniques. Accessories for brides and guests at events that are unique handmade jewels to give a special touch to daily looks.