Our greatest pride is seeing you wearing our creations on special days. And your weddings are specifically one of the most special days on which you invite us to accompany you.
We will never be able to fully express how thrilled we are to see each and every one of you wearing something from Verbena on such a wonderful day.
Here's a small tribute to all of you. Many of you are missing, and we will continue to post new collections to thank you for your trust and to inspire many other brides from all corners of the world.


Thank you VERBENA BRIDES! You are the best! <3

Officially Quigley at her wedding in Mallorca with Verbena Aphrodite and Calliope Pipe Earrings

Officially Quigley at her wedding in Mallorca with Verbena Afrodia and Calliope Pipe Earrings

Laura Scanlon-Fisher at her wedding in New Zealand with the Verbena Cibeles

New Zealand wedding crown

Gosia Jankuc at her wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico with Verbena Creta and Anís Callíope Earrings

Bárbara González at her wedding in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with Verbena Cibeles

Delia Ibañez at her wedding with Gold Pipa Earrings

Elena at her wedding with the Verbena Siroco Bordeaux

Headdress for colonial wedding

Sheila Conde at her wedding in Mallorca with the Verbena Cibeles

night wedding crown

Estefanía Sastre at her wedding in Zamora with Verbena Cibeles

Goldddilocks at her wedding with her bridesmaids and Verbena Aurora Natural

Sabrina at her wedding in Ourense with the Calliope Pipe Earrings

earrings for a wedding bride