The star pieces of the necklaces are pendants made of natural pressed and preserved flowers, wrapped in a light resin on geometric molds. Each flower has a unique structure thanks to the manual work of Lila, the expert artisan with whom we have developed this collection. It is a connection with the earth and its fruit, with the return of color, with the properties of the flowers.

What is the process like?

  1. PRESSING FLOWERS Usually, wildflowers are collected and pressed. In other cases (as is the case with our AMULETS collection), the flowers are purchased to have a deeper collection and have the flowers that were conceived when designing the pieces. There are several ways to press flowers, the most traditional is to put them between the pages of books for a few weeks until they are completely dry and pressed. Many lose their color or are modified and lose their charm.

  2. VARNISHING All those that have survived this process and remain beautiful are selected and given a layer of varnish with ultraviolet protection so that their color lasts longer and they are protected from the sun.

  3. PIECE DESIGN Next, the piece is designed to fit the flowers in the best way, enhancing their beauty.

  4. RESIN IMPRINTING Once in place, the resin is printed layer by layer until the finish is light and resistant.

  5. PERFORATIONS Finally, when necessary, the necessary holes are made to turn them into the final piece.