From the search and experimentation with different techniques, our interest in creating pieces with the inexhaustible technique of ceramics is born. A resource that its multiple forms of work allow countless finishes.

The Marina Collection was nourished from this study, although we had already given small glimpses of what it could be like to work with it in several prototypes and small capsule collections.


Production process:

OLA Earrings: "Wafers" of raw clay are modeled and the edges are outlined with a brush to make them thinner. Once dry, they undergo a first firing, which is called "biscuit." This batch is carried out to be able to handle the piece with some hardness, leaving a certain porosity for its subsequent glazing. The next step is to apply a layer of transparent glaze to the entire piece with a high fusion index so that when mixed with the blue line of cobalt blue glaze that is painted on top, it creates the effect of a wave.

MUSGO Earrings: Ovals are modeled with high-temperature chamotte red clay, adding the three small holes to hang the shells later. With a "brush" shaped tool, a sandy texture is created. They are biscuit fired to subsequently glaze them with transparent glaze which, when subjected to high temperature together with this type of clay, shows this typical moss color.

ARENA Earrings: The same production process as the Musgo Earrings is carried out, except for the last glazing step, achieving that more rustic texture.