For the first time, Verbena Madrid is crossing borders in search of artisanal skills, taking a further step in their work as hunters of small treasures from around the world. In this new collection, they recover the ancient art of Oya, a traditional crochet whose origin is in Turkey. Mine is one of the most common Turkish female names and the name they have used to baptize the collection in honor of all these unique women.

Since its birth centuries ago, the women in charge of this technique transmit their love, hopes, expectations, and happiness through the flowers they embroider millimeter by millimeter. Even today, brides still wear different flowers on their wedding day to declare their feelings through the decoration of their dress or headdress.

Oya embroiderer weaving the Clavel earrings.


This process, passed down from mothers to daughters, has been recovered on this occasion to create a series of earrings, crowns, and bags designed to share the most special moments.

A natural and calm environment hosts the photo session between mother and daughter in which the purity of the relationship and the individual character of the protagonists is conveyed.

Based on traditional plant motifs, the collection is inspired by real flowers. Among them, you can find everything from tulips to carnations, passing through dense clusters of lilacs. All pieces have been worked by skilled artisans in this complicated technique, which requires hours of patient work with needle and fine silk thread in different colors to achieve the delicate result.