Eclipse Collection
Eclipse Collection Nathnit and Verbena Madrid join forces to create the limited edition "Eclipse" collection, consisting of two crowns made entirely or partially of 18-carat gold-plated brass. Moon and Earth are the names of the two pieces that make up this series inspired by lunar cycles and their influence on nature on Earth. The collaboration between the two brands is based on their shared passion for traditional handcrafted production processes and their commitment to minimizing environmental impact. The collaboration began after they discovered each other on the Spanish handmade fashion platform "ES Fascinante." This is the first time that Verbena Madrid has partnered with Natxa González, an artisan and designer from NATHNIT, who designs and manufactures all of her collections in her own studio-workshop in the center of Valencia. Verbena Madrid is committed to reviving almost extinct traditional techniques by materializing them into contemporary design products.

Photo with Verbena Moon by Sara Lobla for Beba's closet

Macarena Gea with Verbena Earth