Viana Collection
Primavera/Verano 2019

It happens in a small town in Orense, that every February, its usual quiet routine takes a break to dress up for a festival. In Viana do Bolo, a colorful festival called Entroido explodes on those days. The boteiros run through the streets, spirits dressed in bright colors and adorned with terrifying masks that come to scare children and play pranks on adults. With bells and sticks, they bring all the neighbors out to the street. Drums accompany them, creating a loud and cheerful commotion.

This event, which dates back to times before our grandparents, is lovingly prepared for months in advance. It is the older women of the town who, with their patient and wise hands, gather and embroider each ribbon that will later be sewn onto the costumes.

Beside them are their children, who work passionately to ensure that these roots are not lost. So that the work of their mothers, and their mothers' mothers, remains alive beyond their passage through that carnival-filled house, with giant masks that took several days to carve and decorate, with kilometers of ribbon stitched onto costumes that they wear with pride as if dressing up for a grand event. The biggest day of the year.

The Viana collection is the story of our journey to Viana do Bolo, where we learned about this beautiful and age-old tradition. A tribute to all those who work with enthusiasm to keep their know-how alive, with personal satisfaction as their only reward. A "thank you" to those who welcomed us with open doors to their homes, and with a table that always had room for one more plate for those who wanted to hear their story.

Thanks to Anita, Charo, and Otilia.


The bags

The first collection of bags from Verbena Madrid is made up of six models. Each one is named after one of the women who manually gathered and sewed kilometers of ribbon onto their 100% natural linen base. The four pieces made with this technique took several days to complete and then traveled from Orense to Madrid to be hand-assembled onto their leather structure. Once the bag was created, it returned to Viana do Bolo for the responsible women to perform their strict quality control and give the final touch to the piece.

Production deviates from industrial systems and is entirely handcrafted and made-to-measure for each of the bags.


 The headpieces and earrings

The colorful motifs of the traditional Galician carnival are the inspiration for decorating our most iconic models. Flowers, ruffles, and gathered ribbons of all colors harmoniously adorn all our handmade pieces. Also, the models embroidered with natural raffia, such as the Pipa or Anís earrings.