Thasi Collection

Thasi Collection
Spring / Summer 2022


Thās̄ī, Verbena Madrid's new hand-painted collection inspired by Spanish art.

The Spanish brand presents the latest proposal of statement earrings, crowns, and a very special new handbag made of lightweight bamboo and decorated with floral motifs.

Thās̄ī, which means "painted" in Thai, is Verbena Madrid's new collection. Hand-painted and inspired by great Spanish painters, we present the new limited edition earrings, crowns, and handbags. All made of lightweight bamboo, cowhide leather, and decorated with floral motifs.

The collection, designed in Madrid and developed in Thailand, blends Thai and Spanish traditions. The jewelry, blank bamboo canvases, are filled with color with a floral explosion that expert Thai artisans capture on them. Each one has been hand-painted, all inspired by works of great Iberian painters that give their name to each design: Dalí, Goya, Picasso, Velázquez, Madrazo, and Greco.

Thai craftsmanship offers spectacular pieces through manual bamboo work. Based on this technique, we find the most special piece of the collection: the reinterpretation of traditional rice baskets that have been transformed to become our Dalí handbag: developed in bamboo and hand-painted, with suede tassels and vegetable leather details. These boxes, now turned into handbags, have been designed and thought out to meet the requirements of comfort thanks to their lightness, beauty - each handbag is a work of art, 100% handmade and with the best finishes - and practicality: we have elaborated a pattern with special measurements to carry the phone, wallet, keys, and some touch-up.

The rest of the collection is composed of three models of earrings also made of bamboo: Velázquez, Picasso, and Goya. The collection is completed with two Verbena sandals made of soft cowhide leather and, again, decorated by hand: the Greco model, a representation of our classic vertical Verbena sandals, and the Madrazo model, a voluminous headband.

A new proposal of special and assertive accessories in which we find the pillars of VERBENA Madrid: craftsmanship, design, and comfort through unique pieces for a lifetime.