Mediterranean Collection
Summer 2019 Bridal

From the coves of Malaga to the islands of Rhodes and Cyprus, the Mediterranean Sea bathes the small white villages that dot its coastline. The reflection of the sun on its calm green waters sways over the small waves breaking on the shore. This gentle calm is interrupted by the murmur of men at work. Standing on their small boats, they collect the empty nets after a day of fishing.

Watching that ritual is almost hypnotic. Their routine has become the most wonderful spectacle I have witnessed in a long time. I observe them from the fine, white sand on which I walk barefoot. I bend down to pick up a handful of that same soil with my right hand, as if it were possible to take some of the happiness I feel in this moment with me.

That same feeling is what inspired the new Mediterranean collection, a series specially designed for summer brides. A collection that revisits the most classic silhouettes of the brand, once again innovating in its shapes and verticality.

For the first time, Verbena Madrid experiments with three-dimensional volume, creating wider and different height crowns.

Natural pearls and seashells are added as a novelty to the materials traditionally used by the brand: from silk cord, jute, or striking tassels to the iconic raffia embroidery, a hallmark of the brand.

The series respects a neutral color range, based on off-white and touches of beige that combine with the mother-of-pearl of the seafloor-inspired applications.