Manises collection

Manises Collection

Spring/Summer 2023

The bloom of a century-old craftsmanship

Verbena Madrid welcomes its latest collection MANISES, paying tribute to a national craftsmanship that resurges thanks to the effort of its master craftsmen. A meticulous work in which flowers, leaves, and fruits, made with manual precision, decorate a series of eight earrings destined to be the perfect jewel for any occasion.

These are unique pieces, made in the traditional way in the Valencian town that gives its name to Verbena's collection. Manises proudly boasts of its century-old ceramic tradition, and with its craftsmen, this homage to Spanish mastery has been carried out. Their famous lamps, filled with flowers and details, serve as inspiration for creating a light and timeless collection, in which the know-how and essence of this technique have been respected. From its flowers and dyes, to the artisan's hands, they are the ones originally used for the composition of Manises lamps.

In this way, Verbena Madrid continues to commit to its goal of showcasing the handmade jewelry hidden in our geography, in an effort to revive almost extinct craftsmanship. From its studio in Madrid, Verbena Madrid works on its designs in close collaboration with the master craftsmen of each technique with which it creates its collections, to create unique pieces of incalculable artisanal value.