summer 2020

A meter by meter and a half of 100% cotton fabric with a rustic finish serves as a blank canvas to begin creating the Verbena Madrid masks. Like an abstract map, the embroiderers' strokes are drawn on the beige fabric. Their experience and creativity materialize, through diverse embroidery, different constellations of memories and experiences from the time lived in 2020: CICATRICES (SCARS).

The result of this artisanal work is a tapestry darned in four colors and with different motifs that, like scars, create a unique story in each drawing. Because, like the marks on our body, they speak without words of lived moments. All are signals that serve as a reminder of what we were and that allow us to keep alive what we are from them.

A similar philosophy to that of Kintsugi art, where they believe that when something has suffered damage and has a history, it becomes more beautiful. Because despite the toughness of the situation, we must reconcile ourselves with the moments lived, understanding that each one of them constitutes a mark on the journey traveled. An individual learning to start loving the suffering.

Sixty unique masks with two different finishes will be made from each panel: straight and pointy. Both models are unisex. The design of each one will be a surprise until received. Because with each one, a piece of that incredible and unrepeatable mural goes.

With your order, you will receive an image of the complete embroidery so that you can locate the piece that has been used to create your mask.

Photographs: Inmaculada Mariscal
Models: Sergio López de Uralde and Beatriz Cuadrado