Calima Collection
April 2018

A beach, now empty, maintains its damp sand and the rough sea. It is the apparent calm after the storm. Remnants of calima still linger in the air. Suspended sand brought from distant places that accelerates the fall of the sun.

On the shore, there is a woman. Her solitude is an excuse to feel the wind again as she had forgotten she could. She is not afraid of rain anymore. Only the roar of the waves disturbs her nap on the light soil. She now remembers the humid smell of the sea. She dreams of what she should have never ignored: the certainty of belonging to this place.

the pieces
The Calima collection has been entirely handmade by raffia artisans. A almost forgotten skill that is in danger of becoming extinct in our country. The knowledge of the techniques for extracting, dyeing, and manual embroidery is passed down from mothers to daughters. For this reason, it is increasingly difficult to find those who master this skill.
Only in the braiding of each design do more than 20 hours get invested. The naturalness of the undyed raffia is joined by gold, burgundy, and black. A reduced chromatic palette of four colors to give shape to a collection where the most iconic models of the brand stand out in their most authentic versions.



Photographs: Lucia Pitters @lpittrs
Model: Menglei Li @ole_group
Muah: Aaron Montelongo @madeinbyaaronmontelongo