VERBENA Madrid is a different brand of accessories. Unique and unrepeatable pieces of a handmade nature with highly polished finishes.
VERBENA is an expression of the new luxury. The definition of this concept is high craftsmanship. It is about valuing and understanding the importance of detail, of what has been made exceptionally for you and very few people own.

VERBENA is an attitude of joy and celebration towards life. Lights, dances, freedom and fun. Lots of fun.


VERBENA Madrid is craftsmanship and innovation. In the 21st century, where technology and globalization point to the disappearance of traditional trades, VERBENA's mission is to recover these almost extinct craft techniques materializing them in products with contemporary design.
Since the brand was founded in 2016, national and international travel in search of expert craftsmen is one of the keys to continuing the legacy and offering special pieces.


Each festival is unique. The different collections have cultural influences from around the world and are 100% handmade.
Festivals are designed to enhance the beauty of those who wear them. Strong and self-confident women
who reaffirm their looks from the head. Women who love artisan work, quality, folklore and special pieces that provoke emotions.

The earrings, bags and other accessories join the most iconic product to be able to offer accessories that use the same techniques and can be worn daily.


Our collections allow us to work together with artisans from different disciplines. The application of their techniques in our designs gives us the opportunity to offer unique and genuine products thanks to the recovery of almost extinct techniques.


Each product is created with different types of materials depending on the collection or the final effect sought by each client in the case of custom pieces.
There are collections with natural raw materials and others that we develop together with artisans with highly elaborated raw materials.

<3 Carmen and Cristina <3