Marine Collection

The new Verbena Madrid collection drinks from the sea, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.
The MARINE COLLECTION is inspired by its colours, reflections and sounds. A series of three earrings: WAVE, MOSS and SAND, which represent the three elements that make up the sea and its three colors: camel from the sand, blue from the water and green from the moss grown on the rocks on the shore.

All of them are handcrafted in glazed ceramic and molded one by one by hand, turning them into unique pieces with unrepeatable silhouettes. Conch shells are the common element of the collection: highly prized natural pieces in marine cultures with unique sizes, shapes and reflections in each piece.

The texture of the wet sand from the shore is the star of the central piece, achieved with rustic chamotte clay. Topped with a natural sea shell enameled in gold. The natural and light materials allow a piece of just a few grams of weight.

The greenish glow of the wet rocks is reflected through the work with the glazed clay at high temperature. Decorated with three small natural sea shells in greyish tones. The lightest and smallest earrings in the collection.

The sinuous shape of the waves breaking on the shore, the color of its foam and the bright blue reflections are the inspiration for these earrings. Their handmade nature makes them unique pieces: each one has a different shape and pattern, just like the shells.
Made of light weight white porcelain, they have been enamelled looking for the cracked effect of glass and hand-painted to represent the waves.