Eclipse Collection
Nathnit and Verbena Madrid come together to create the limited edition of
“Eclipse” crowns, made up of two crowns made entirely or partially of 18-carat gold-plated brass.
Moon and Earth are the names of the two pieces that make up this series inspired by lunar cycles and their influence on nature on Earth. Since ancient times, man has observed the Moon looking for answers to the questions that hide the power of the lunar phases in the growth and germination of plants.
This process is taken as a starting point for the creative development of a capsule collection that brings together two of the pillars of both brands: the reinvention of manual production processes and the search for minimal environmental impact.
The collaboration arose after discovering each other on the artisanal fashion platform made in Spain “ES Fascinante”. Both firms share their passion for traditional know-how made by hand in our country, and it is the fundamental point of all their creations.
For the first time, Verbena Madrid joins forces with Natxa González, artisan and designer of the firm NATHNIT, which designs and manufactures each and every one of its collections in its own studio-workshop in the center of Valencia. Mediterranean-inspired maximinimal jewelry made with European recycled silver as the main pillars of the brand, which is advancing on its way to use zero
VERBENA Madrid is craftsmanship and innovation. In the 21st century, where technology and globalization point to the disappearance of traditional trades, VERBENA's mission is to recover these almost extinct techniques materializing them in products with contemporary design. Since the brand was founded in 2017, national and international travel in search of expert craftsmen is one of the keys to continuing the legacy and offering special pieces.

Photo with Verbena Moon by Sara Lobla for Beba's closet

Macarena Gea with Verbena Earth