Capsule collection for Leandro Cano SS19

There are two starting points for his inspiration. On the one hand, the iconoplastic religious imagery as never seen before, brought to the present through an explosion of color and creativity and, on the other, the use of craftsmanship and its different techniques. Under these premises, from Verbena Madrid three crown proposals have been carried out for the collection.
Pieces developed between expert craftsmen and the Verbena team.
The three crowns made share aesthetic lines such as symmetrical arches, fusion of various types of craftsmanship and color range. All of them are an ode to creativity based on the inspiration and collection proposal of Leandro Cano.
Materials such as raffia, wooden beads, glass fruits and various trimmings are combined allowing the viewer to travel to an illusory and fun universe where color and volume are the main features.
Under the name 'Perdón y amen', Leandro Cano presents his proposal for the S/S 2019 season and closes a trilogy of spectacular collections. Season after season, their proposals are characterized by the use of craftsmanship as a differential value, giving rise to the creation of delicate garments,
architectural and feminine.

The different levels achieved with arches and the application of various shades of green create a sense of depth and movement. Crowned with a large flower of wooden beads with an embroidered raffia pistil and numerous leaves whose ramifications present intricate details combining wooden beads and glass fruits.

Various raffia bows branch out at different heights topped with
carnations in red raffia. On one side there is an explosion of color and
volumes, where a crochet flower is born.

Gluttony Vervain
Based on one of the most representative silhouettes of the firm, they present
embroidered arches inside to which small fruits of
glass in warm tones. At its ends, crochet cords hang at different levels, crowned with red raffia carnations.