Brides 2018

Inspired by the colors of the sea, coral reefs and the shine of the sand
white, Verbena Madrid collaborates in the latest collection of the designer Cristina
Piña: “La Isla”, directed by a magnetic and captivating woman. A series of headdresses
portraits for bride and guest, made to measure for your parade in the last
Atelier Couture edition.
The collection is made up of six vertical crowns made entirely by hand
in the workshop of the firm Verbena Madrid in the center of Madrid. a production
completely handmade that has involved about 12 hours of work per piece.
Among the materials used, velvet stands out as the basis for all
crowns, which have subsequently been decorated with resin applications in
form of coral, pearls, large ostrich feathers and natural stones. All
them, in the most inspiring tones of the seabed: dark blues,
aqua green, coral red and pearl white.