September 2017

Infinite stars fill the sky. As unique, brilliant and full of stories as every VERBENA Madrid. The latest collection takes its name from them: “Cósmica”, a series of pieces made from natural raffia fibers, dyed using traditional techniques.

The process of making this collection is especially laborious: the natural raffia, from the palm tree, is collected and dried in the sun wrapped in grasses. When finished, the raffia is a creamy color. Part will be left like this and part will be dyed in boiling water along with other vegetables that will give it its final color.
The subsequent handcrafted embroidery, a practically extinct work, is recovered and modernized in geometric and plant-inspired figures, creating colorful borders.
Motifs that decorate our crowns and, for the first time, also maxi earrings.

Photos: Silvia Gil-Roldán @silviagilroldan
Model: Sara Cruz from Olé Group @ole_group