Summer 2017

The night stretches to infinity. There are too many stories that just can't go to sleep. It all started with a dinner in the country. Several friends were encouraged and began to play guitars live. The lanterns were lit. Neighbors joined. Sparklers, tequila, a bonfire...A night too wonderful to end before sunrise.
Is it just sunrise. She will go home. After. When you're done savoring that magical night. When the sun caresses your skin. When you close your eyes and dance. Alone. Remembering what you just experienced. Ready to keep dreaming about it. Ready for the next verbena.

The VERBENA Madrid Catrina collection presents crowns made 100% by hand in Spain.
This series is based on feeling, on the sensations caused by natural materials, in moments with soul and craftsmanship.
We have used new materials such as jute or raffia and craft techniques such as natural fiber braiding. Another novelty is the incorporation of traditional miracles, brought from Mexico especially for this occasion. These pieces combine dry printing on brass with
multicolored manual lacquer. The fusion of these techniques and materials with others such as feathers, pompoms, tassels and our representative strawberry trees, make up a collection of very special unique crowns.

Photography: Chachacha Photo
MU & Hair: Oui Brides