Calliope Collection

The new Verbena Madrid collection calls on all women to bring out their most powerful side. The strength of a Goddess that they all keep inside. A manifestation of life and energy that leads to great deeds.
In Greek mythology, Calliope is the muse of poetry and eloquence. She is represented with a golden crown, an emblem that indicates her supremacy over the other muses, and a trumpet in her hand with which she calls us to wake up again.
This is how we imagine the woman: exultant, erecting herself in an earthly world to give way to divinity.

Photography: Álvaro Medina Sierra
Model: Alba Cassette
MUAH: Oui Brides
Dresses: Cristina Piña / Namur Collection

The product
Verbena Madrid collaborates with artisans whose work is on the verge of extinction and recovers it to apply it to contemporary designs. The Calliope Collection results from this synergy.
As a base, the natural fiber of raffia, extracted from the palm. It is dried and dyed during a long process that can last several weeks, to later create a structure of geometric drawings.
The naturalness of hand-embroidered raffia takes on added value when decorated with eye-catching flowers. Haute couture applications that curdle large crowns and earrings. Flowers produced manually with sequins, pearls and metallic beads. Without leaving soft tones such as ecru, beige, silver and gold.
A tempered and elegant strength as the common thread of a collection that seeks
awaken the infinite potential of every woman.
Vervain Athena
Hand embroidered in natural raffia net. As a halo and topped with fringes of the same material. Flower-shaped applications in ecru, silver and gold tones.
Vervain Aphrodite
Star-shaped crown hand-embroidered with natural raffia. Finished with fringes of the same material. Small sequins that evoke the subtlety of the petals.
Vervain Hera
Polaris model, decorated with different white, gold and black sequins.
Festival Cibeles
The manual work of raffia embroidery takes center stage. Different geometric themes are combined with three rosettes inside the arches. A chain of white pilletes runs through the rounded structure.
Vervain Isis
The most striking silhouette of the collection combines circles and triangular figures decorated with flower-shaped applications.
Festival Ixchel
Crown with base of arches decorated with handmade flowers in sequin appliqués and soft burlap fabric, silk thread and trimmings. The most country and feminine goddess is represented here.
Calliope Pipe Earrings
Oval earrings made by hand with natural raffia dyed with dried and embroidered vegetable dyes. Hand-sequined flower appliqués are embroidered on this base.
Calliope Pistachio Earrings
The most recognizable model of earrings from Verbena Madrid is reinvented with the contribution of haute couture embroidery. Applications with vegetable shapes in neutral colours.
Calliope Pipe Earrings
with three spheres made by hand with natural raffia hand dyed, dried and embroidered. On the lobe, flower embroidered with sequins.
Calliope Pipe Earrings
Two large circular pieces of cream-colored raffia serve as the basis for the flowery decoration of the embroidery in different techniques.