Complete Amulets Necklace

Complete Amulets Necklace

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The star pieces of this necklace are the pendants of pressed and preserved natural flowers , wrapped in light resin on geometric molds. Each flower framed in a different geometric structure and all different thanks to the manual work of the expert craftswoman with whom we have developed this collection. A connection with the earth and its fruit, with the return of color, with the properties of flowers.

Buttercup: JOY

Fern: LUCK

Forget me not: ETERNAL LOVE


These pieces are combined with natural stone charms that add magic and movement to the composition. Intense colors to be combined with the flowers that at the same time are linked to different properties.

heart: aventurine- positivism and new work challenges

arrowhead: brown jasper- stability and organization

circle: malachite - courage and balance

bullet: labradorite- self-confidence and calm

tear: howlite- wisdom and good humor

All the pieces are mounted on a chain of large and light oval iron links with gold flash and lacquered so that they do not lose their color.

A light and striking design that will accompany you and bring luck throughout the year.



Each VERBENA Madrid accessory is made entirely by hand using different craft techniques. A bridal or guest crown requires approximately twenty-four hours of work, in which only the highest quality materials are used. Approximately twelve hours of work are needed to develop the raffia earrings. Any imperfection that you may find in our products is the result of their handmade nature, and makes each VERBENA Madrid piece unique and unrepeatable.

Our collections of headdresses, earrings, necklaces and bags allow us to work together with artisans from different disciplines. The application of their techniques in our designs gives us the opportunity to offer unique and genuine products thanks to the recovery of almost extinct techniques. Accessories for brides and guests at events that are unique handmade jewels to give a special touch to daily looks.