Darwin Collection

Collection Darwin Launch 2017 Evolution. That's how VERBENA Madrid is born. Studying cultures, trends and offering something new. With this foundation, we develop collections with unique and different pieces. The hats and headpieces grow vertically. They stretch, fusing materials and structures to enhance the beauty of those who wear them. The creation of each of the VERBENA Madrid crowns requires a 100% handmade process. In addition to the collections we continuously create, the VERBENAS are made by working with brides and guests to find the perfect design for each one of them. We purchase materials on trips around the world, thinking about creating exclusive pieces. Each VERBENA is a unique jewel. The brides of the Darwin collection are calm and confident. They know who they are and they like it. Provocative, romantic, innovative, reflective, fun brides... they are all different even though they were created through the same process. And that makes them unique, unrepeatable, magnificent.

Crowns: VERBENA Madrid
Dresses: Sofia Delgado Studio
Photography: Álvaro Medina Sierra
Hairdressing: Tete a Tete Hairstyle
Makeup: Monica Munoz
Model: Beatriz Cuadrado